Friday, May 27, 2011

All about my mother

Ye seher apne aap se baat karta hai
This city talks to itself.
Here headphones are plugged in everyone's ear. that is how they separate themselves from the cacophony of the city voices which links them together.
I met this kid in bus today. He was sitting on his mother's like a king, where everyone else in the bus was struggling for and inch on space for themselves to stand. It touched me how his mother was trying to protect him at each bump. This made think about the integral need of every woman to be a mother. To have someone whom they can love crazy. In a way, their kids are the one who takes their name forward in the world. Like there was a tomb for Tutankhamen, similarly, a women wraps her identity in her child. I love my mother. Everything that i do in my life is for one purpose, to make her happy. I wish it was for me to tell her how much she means to me. I keep telling everyone the story about how i came to know that my mother loves me but i just can't tell it to her. It's like a water bubble as of now, untouched and pure... once told, it'll burst.

I love you so much mum and I miss you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The day when i planned to live life and be happy


Anyone up for Mexican?

What’s on your mind?

Food! What’s on yours? >:devil:<


I always wanted to have an alternate self, who is famous. I guess everyday life of a girl new in the city of Hyderabad is interesting. One because she is a girl :D. (Yes, I do consider every male on this planet a tharki. So if that makes me a female chauvinist, I would love to be that girl.) I am suffering from “The Loop”. I shall narrate to you this interesting story as well someday, but not today. Today is for good things.

There are so many things in life that we don’t do; I have planned to do those things, just for fun. Like I had a eye check up done for fun, and they do it for FREE J. How much we Indians love this free stuff, though it’s useless, but at least it’s free. Like, I have lunch in my office daily even though the food is pathetic, just because it’s free. To think about it, don’t we live, just to eat?? So at least let us eat well.

So, today I am treating myself with an apple pie, you should try it too. And my song for the day is Chand Chahiye by Ankur Tiwari… awesome voice.

P.S- if you are still wondering, what happened to the guy from the first post? He never mailed me back, bloody snob. Hush, nobody loves me L

Friday, May 20, 2011

A city unknown

The blog is my version of Hyderabad Blues, so they had to be purple. For those who couldn't guess it yet, purple is my color and i am totally completely, hopelessly in love with this color. After my MBA I got job is this company in Hyderabad. Since the day 1... I hated this city. Why? for one I live ages away from my office. Two, public transport here is horrible, i am in habit of cursing one autowala or other everyday. I knew practically no one here.

Ok so today at auto station, i was looking for an auto. The usual expensive transport system, which I couldn't help but curse and curse. So, I found that this guy standing next to me wants to go same place as i. So, i offered him to share an auto ride with me. He agreed and in the auto we got into talking.
Michal: So, where do u work.
i: In this company.
i: What do u do?
Michal: I work for media.
then suddenly he got a call from one his friends. He talked about some shorts to wear and stated some reason why he couldn't meet him today. then he said he'll call him later and kept the phone. Obviously he wanted to continue the talk with me :). Bitch!
then we got into talking. had good fun. i gave him my email id. lets see if he reverts back. typing has become so tiresome now. i used to love typing once. what happened? i might never edit it as usual. but atleast i have a log of things.