Monday, December 26, 2011

The science of politics

And then there are times when you have an agenda on your mind, Things to be discussed which can change the course of your life, Decision to be made which will decide whether your name will be part of history or not. You know it is important, you know it can make or break you. You know this is to be discussed in depth and detail, you need to plan intelligently and execute it with finesse. You call up that one person who will act as your adviser, the king maker and then he tells you " I'll call you in some time, I m having a bad tooth ache. Thak"

Grrr... Yea everyone has a storm in their Tea cup. World is not about just one person. Yes, I am telling you world is not about you, because it is not about me either. sh!t!
I having this little trouble in office, they say when in playground you should not mess with the big boys but I guess I did the same. I stepped on my bosses foot, too many times and this time a little too hard. Why would I do that?
1. I don't like bullies
2. I work (duh)
3. I messed up (Jezz, Isn't it obvious)

So, now I am in a bad situation and he is taking all advantage of his position. And in nub's terminology, in an organization, one who earns more is always right. (ouch!)
Yes, he is my boss that gives him authority by the virtue of his position, but i sat down and did a research (basically observed and conclude, I am too lazy to do an actual, hardcore research). I found out that he gets authority because of following reasons:
1. He keeps making fun of people. For sure people also laugh at him behind his back but he keep insulting people in front of everyone. And obviously if one doesn't want to be laughed at publicly, laughing with him makes more sense.
2. Currently he is the senior most person in the company, so nobody can do much any way right.
3. He KNOWS stuff. Yes, you also face problem when your boss is not an idiot.( What do one do in such a situation #iwonder)

What was it that i did??
Well he was playing it smart with me, I played his trick back at him. And yea, nobody wants that they should be pointed out when they are at fault. So now I am that spoilt brat who should be taught a lesson.

Now what choice do i have?
1. Play it cool, normalize things and pretend it never happened. (As always, but somehow I don't think it will work this time)
2. Safeguard my position internally, make internal friends. This can be done, but all i have internally are weaklings. They can easily get influenced by power.
3.I should start playing politics with him. I always wanted to be a politician, all I need to do is horn my skills a bit. Though no doubts that he is a better politician than I but if nothing else I'll get lock horns will someone worthy. (lol, over confident)

If it were a comic book then i would have sketched myself as a brave female in salwaar-kammez who is holding her pen as sword and have revenge in her eyes. (But trust me as it would be a comic book next scene would have been my boss hitting me with a small piece of stone and laughing away to glory with his goons)

(The weapon to achieve anything is discipline, Does anyone knows any self help book on discipline??? )