Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big God, Small God

I am writing a post after 48 days. This is not exactly what i had planned for Hyderabad. I thought, I am coming to a new city, and as of now I almost done with my education, therefore I can actually spend my time in doing things which I planned to do. This happened because I miscalculated the proceedings of my life. I planned my life keeping in myself in mind. But some time in the middle of my excursion called life, I fell in love. DAMN!!
I won't lie, since the very first post of this blog I was hinting towards a love life. A single girl in a big city is almost a myth. A the status of a girl being single means either
1. She is just out of a relation
2. Or something is brewing just round the corner.

So the status of "single" is never applicable on a girl. Social Networks can easily restrict it to "It's Complicated" and can save some memory space for themselves on cloud :P
Bade Ganpati, Chote Ganpati
"Aur" said I always write a post about myself. It's always Me, me, ME... so he wanted me to write a blog where I am no where int he picture, there is just my lingering thoughts. I don't think I am even trying to do that, and if I am, then I am failing miserably at it.

"Ganpati Puja" is a big occasion in Hyderabad. "Aur" told me once while we were crossing Khairatabad cross-section that, it's Hyderabad not Mumbai where you'll find the biggest Ganpati in India. Since that time I was pretty curious about all the Ho-Hallah related to Ganpati Puja here.

(I don't think i'll ever finish it, and because of which it might always stay in drafts, so I am posting it incomplete)

But I do want to mention one incident because of which I wanted to write this post at the first place. "Aur" took me Khairatabad to show me the largest Ganpati of Hyderabad. The place was crazy. The usual Indian mela where everyone was to see the power idol. The idol was really huge, so much so that it took three people just to have the garland around it. Obviously even the mala was huge.

The place was grand.

There was traffic all over. The whole street was shining with celebration. Midst this all there was a couple who was sleeping right in the middle of the foot path of the busiest street of Hyderabad at that time. There was chaos, people were honking like crazy, everyone wanted their share of blessing but that couple was unaware of all the mess that was surrounding them. They somehow knew world is going to remain same even the next, with or with out the blessings, they were just celebrating their peaceful sleep for this while.

Where a big God was handling the mess that he had created, there was small god who was watching over the two innocent souls while the whole world was moving without giving a damn about them.

This blog was in draft for a while now. So today, just out of curiosity I visited Amitabh Bacchan's blog. There I found that he has been writing regularly on his blog for past 3 years now. And I was amazed. A man of such high reputation along with his ailments as well as busy daily schedule is able to write down for himself and for people who loves him, the daily details and nitty-gritty of his life. I, on the other hand, who always wanted to document every moment of my life, is not able to give to herself? And the best part being, you can always give excuses to others but you can never give an excuse to yourself because inside you now, you are trying to fool yourself. Some days ago, "Aur" asked me, am i writing anything about our story? And I said "no". Damn, the best moments of my life are happening right now, If I would tried then I could have written every feeling of mine in detail. but somehow as usual I conveniently let the flow my life to guide. Not any more!! (Not any more - is becoming a too casual a cliche for me- am scared1)