Monday, October 3, 2011

Who will be a Millionaire? - "Kaun Banega Crorepati?"

Making money is easy, trust me. All you have to do is make up your mind about it. Today I stumble upon a list of young entrepreneurs who starting owning a 1 million $ company before turning 21. I showed the link to "nub" and told him, this is something I want to do. And he says, everyone wants to do something like this. Yes, everyone wants to do something like this, but I'll do it. I knew blogging / internet has brought a complete revolution with itself. I read about and I got super kicked about it. Naah, I am not after money... all i want is that adrenaline rush which each of these young-rich people enjoy everyday. "nub" says you are only as good as you think you are. And if that's true... then I know.. am pretty good. There is a guy in my office "rpa". He has recently started his own blog. He is super kicked about technology and he has started a Mashable kind of blog. Generally he doesn't have much work in office but after this blog, he certainly have find a "nirvana" for himself. He is happy, even through there are no readers on his blog yet, but I know he is gonna make a difference nevertheless.

I always had a theory, that I would write only for myself, but inside I know, I used to get this mental kick about writing when "aur" used to tell me that he has read my recent blog. And how egarly he used to wait for each of them. I know he had his own mean reasons for waiting though. He wanted to know what I feel about him and he knew I am penning it down somewhere. Every time I used to tell him that I wrote a blog, he would definitely used to tell himself that may be this blog is about him. But no i don't do predictable things. i don't do then in sync either. You might say, this is the reason that i haven't made big in life yet, I loose focus, but then, Chaos is my USP!! :)

Even now the most logical blog entry would have been about my love story (Yes, that is where i was busy for all these days and didn't write anything) but I guess I am more of wild kind than mushy. "I would rather wait a little longer to make the longing stronger"

Trust me these are signs, yes, I do remain kicked about random stuff pretty often... but when something is about to happen in my life, there is always a unconscious build up to it. Like how I started "The Hyderabad Blues" without knowing that it might actually become the story of "How a single girl in a unknown city, got lucky, got wild"!

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