Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The day when i planned to live life and be happy


Anyone up for Mexican?

What’s on your mind?

Food! What’s on yours? >:devil:<


I always wanted to have an alternate self, who is famous. I guess everyday life of a girl new in the city of Hyderabad is interesting. One because she is a girl :D. (Yes, I do consider every male on this planet a tharki. So if that makes me a female chauvinist, I would love to be that girl.) I am suffering from “The Loop”. I shall narrate to you this interesting story as well someday, but not today. Today is for good things.

There are so many things in life that we don’t do; I have planned to do those things, just for fun. Like I had a eye check up done for fun, and they do it for FREE J. How much we Indians love this free stuff, though it’s useless, but at least it’s free. Like, I have lunch in my office daily even though the food is pathetic, just because it’s free. To think about it, don’t we live, just to eat?? So at least let us eat well.

So, today I am treating myself with an apple pie, you should try it too. And my song for the day is Chand Chahiye by Ankur Tiwari… awesome voice.

P.S- if you are still wondering, what happened to the guy from the first post? He never mailed me back, bloody snob. Hush, nobody loves me L

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