Thursday, June 2, 2011

The transition period

This post is the collection of various posts which i had in my mind, but due to my profound laziness, they weren't blogged yet. I have forgotten most of it already and the little bit that I remember, I am not in mood to write it down. But even then I would take you through the irregular stream of thoughts i have about this city and my new company.

City of Hyderabad
Like this one, here I wanted to talk about how I went round the Necklace Road with Lok (Though i so want a love interest to be there but there isn't any. My love interest is not what i wanted to talk about, so back to the post.). I was amazed to find that there are families who still go to parks. Where children still play with those colorful and inflated rubber balls. Guys get together to play games like Kabbadi and Cricket. I felt myself from another planet all together, like this species who have returned to her own planet after a very long time and is now feeling nostalgic about all the stuff that was (and somewhere she knows she might never get any of it again). N this feeling of being an E.T. is not new, whenever I stand in front of Cyber Tower of Hi-Tech City, I feel myself from the world of the future, like how they show in movies. At that time, I can very well imagine, air buses going from one place to another. Being a Netizen, this is how I am living right now, in the future where my life is social networks and electronic mails and at the same time i dearly miss the reality, where people still live together as a family and not alone.
The Perfect Girl
This is about a day when I was really happy. You know there are always a few people around you, who are just perfect at everything? Like when you were in school, they knew all the answers, they were the cheer-lead captains or quarterbacks and everyone wanted to be their friend? Well, I always wanted to be this perfect girl who is just PURRRFECT. Recently i realized that I am living that dream sequence of mine. I am that perfect girl in my office. I am the one, who knows every thing related to my industry as if Rupert Murdoch himself drop the trending news at my doorstep everyday. I am living in Banjara Hills, the heart of the city. The person whom I report to, always appreciates my work and I work even if he don't ask me to. I am ready with a smile all the time, never tired. I am making a video for my office magazine. I have the maximum friends in office among the people who joined with me. (You might argue that it is because I am girl, but then I AM A GIRL!!). But the thought which triggered all of it was that, I had won even the Table Tennis Woman Singles that day by defeating company's two years defending champion. I know I was "Aandho mein kana raja", but for that moment, I was just perfect. And the best part being I had some special friends to share the moment with.

P.S. - Now I can actually imagine a love angle somewhere, I would have start expecting one if i were reading some fiction instead of my own story. Every story is tasteless without a Love angle to it. Damn!
I had also thought of adding something about all of my friends here and then describing how i am the perfect girl because of them. I think I should give them their due, which is on hold for really long now. or shall I write another note on my friends and best friends some day? That will be better!! :)
Devil wears Prada
This is what happened today. What caused me to finally sit and write all these pending posts, which I wouldn't have dome otherwise? Well, I have two bosses. One, the good boss and other bad boss. He is not bad actually, I do have a soft corner for him... (not the love angle again, stop looking for it). The good boss is the one, whom i report to and THE BOSS is one which heads our department. I so want to impress him. He kinda rebuked me today, that is the reason why I left all the work and start writing the blog. Our conversation so reminded me of "Devil wears Prada" the movie. He is same as Meryl Streep, like how you feel connected to her and at the same time you are irritated with her but you know deep inside that she is a nice woman. Same is the case with My boss and I... at times I feel like saving him from the world and other.. well. We all have bosses, so we do know, don't we???
World Tour in a Panda Suit
I was so frustrated with the whole incident with my boss in the morning, that I with my friend decided to go on a world tour, wearing a Panda suit. Huh, it was so much fun. You know what, I so love friends. They are not required to be your best buddies, but they do make you realize that life is so good. Like, i was chatting with this friend of mine and she reminded me how i have changed. Like how i always used to be excited about one thing or the other and how i have started cribbing about everything. And I was like, yes, i so loved my old self... this is something I have to work on. It is not difficult to be happy, all you have to do is just see the world with it's comedy and laugh out loud. Now I remember, i once tweeted on someone's tweet that How her blogs make me laugh, miseries are the reason of your best laugh... trust me!
The guy who knew too much
When I was in 10th standard, I read this story in my English textbook about a guy who used to know too much. Like, pull out a topic in front of him and he would tell you all important-unimportant events related to it. He knew too much for his own good and he was never able to stop himself from talking about it. Because of this reason, all of his colleagues used to remain very annoyed and irritated with him. Like how Ron always remained irritated with Hermione initially, remember? After that meeting with the boss in the morning, I feel like, instead of "the perfect girl" I have now become "the guy who knew too much", so much so that my boss is now irritated with me, due to my habit of wanting to do, just everything. but after that I had a chat with the good boss and I am feeling better now.

This much for now!!

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