Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sh!t happens... :|

One mistake... and it changes everything. Mistake, is not a new word in my dictionary. it happens, again and again, without fail my case. Don't I try to learn from my mistakes? Well, i let my mistakes sink in, they make you stronger don't they? Well if you would have been following my other blogs, by now you must have known, how big a whiner I am. but this time seriously screwed up! So, all this while, I was this super cool girl who can make anything happen. Then as usual, I started to relax. trust me, this is the worst word to apply in your work life. So, my new motto is, "Never RELAX between 9 am and 5:30 pm". Trust me, it is fatal for your life.
The worst of being in a actual mess is... As it is only your mess, so nobody really understands how bad you have been hurt. You play it cool in front of them and they think, Sh!t happens and she is fine. It was stupid you know I was talking to people, as usual bragging about the new shit which has happened in my life and while they were laughing at it and changing conversation to a lighter topic, on the other side of the phone, a tear was rolling down my cheeks. I was happier when i used to keep things to myself. This habit of sharing things with others is taking toll on me.

Hush, Hyderabad, they say, it's always Quid Pro Quo, After making me the perfect girl, this city is now taxing me for my happiness. Don't worry sweetheart, I am a bad looser, and it's not easy not to fall in love with me. Hyderabad 2, Any 1

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